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>> you're on item number 12. 3730 mission street. >> good afternoon. planning department staff. before you is a request for a conditional use authorization under planning sections to allow un new automotive repair shop within an existing vacant commercial building. the proposal is to relocate from its current location the 23730 mission street. the existing building will not be expanded. the ground floor will be used for auto repair activities and office uses, accessory to the business. the back rooms will be used for painting. the mezzanine will be used for storage and a break area. the new location will allow the owner to install new equipment
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and provide for new jobs for the community. the proposal is the relocation of existing automotive repair shop and existing building -- the existing building has been in that location since 1977. this is an independent news and locally owned which has been encouraged. historically the previous uses on the side have been similar uses with compatible impact. staff has received contracts from three neighbors concerned about noise and odor. since the packets were distributed, we received one e- mail from a neighbor with similar concerns i have been distributed to you. given the findings, staff recommends approval of the authorization. i am available for questions. >>president fong: project spons? project sponsor first. if you have a public comment, you can fill out one of those cards and we will call public comment.
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>> good afternoon. thank you for letting me be here. i have been the owner for 10 years and manage the businesse -- managed the business for 10 years. select auto body has been in the valley for 10 years. i have two boys and they are watching in the office with the rest of the staff. we -- i rent my space, my current job is on the second floor with the only access being a ramp for my customers and the cars. making accessibility difficult at times. square footage of my shop is 4000 square feet which makes it
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difficult to keep up with a rent increase is based on the capacity. upgrading equipment is cost prohibitive because of the amount of investment required. it does not equate in this building. when i first saw the fire for the lease -- a flyer for the lease, it was almost too good to be true. i knew i could get my hands on this building and i could take a step i never dreamed of. i called the agent involved and after a long negotiation came to an agreement for a price to purchase this building. they have been preapproved and have been preapproved for funding through sba to buy new, efficient, high-tech equipment and to improvements. the building itself is fantastic. we look to preserve the car and look and building by cleaning it up. we want to a corporate the architecture into the overall
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theme of our business. the interior than itself to a near-perfect layout for that type of business. i have the highest efficiency spray booth on the market which provides the ability to raise the bar on the repairs we do. there is a flyer in the packet. our goal is to expand in the grant concept from office management tool on repairs. we participate in dpw clean and green program and we will raise the bar higher -- dph clean and green program and we will raise the bar higher. we will push the envelope on what makes the shot green. we parked our car is within our shop -- the cars within our shop. i will be able to maintain my customers because the new
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building is half a mile from its current location which is used for small business in san francisco. i will be able to provide necessary services to an area that is not saturated unlike some parts of the city where you have five or six shops on one block. because of a centralized -- location and it borders burma heights -- bernal heights. i currently employs six full- time employees and when i open the shop that will go tutan and based on business -- it will go to ten. bringing business will bring customers to other existing business. my employees and myself will support local small business and the local community. i served as vice president as -- of the rewachand association.
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i coached baseball and soccer and basketball and i overall enjoy being involved in the communities i am being -- i am part of predella for to bring my energy and efforts to this new community. thank you for your time. president fong: thank you. public comment, i have one card. >> martha mason, i am a pharmacist and i work for the comanche and try to improve the lives of the less fortunate. i have a letter in your that the neighbors have signed and some of them have written letters to the commissioners. we, the owners, residents of the block demarcated don't want this
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automotive repair shop to come here. this block has a lot of residents and families. we're aware of the -- what they pollution and chemicals can do to young children. we are aware of the extreme dangers this can cause to the unborn. there are enough [unintelligible] in the mission due to the fact that poor people with no power live here. we can out expect [unintelligible] to help us. to change decisions made for us without our consent by people with power with their own agenda. why don't they shops go to industrial park -- based shops go to industrial park? instead become to neighborhoods where people are struggling. this older -- auto people make
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life more difficult and congested with more traffic and made the neighborhoods less beautiful. this is important. they make a difference was beautiful. -- the neighborhoods less beautiful. when someone is destroying our dreams, putting your environment, making your neighborhood look like you do not care how you live, intensifying the opinion of the western neighborhood, the not so wealthy neighborhoods that people who live to our shops want to live that way and they get what they deserve. i went to the mission to see the
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emissions and they are [unintelligible] and sulfuric acid. the chemical iraq used on the kurds to make them disappear from the earth. i do not know. [unintelligible] maybe our own [unintelligible] accumulate these things and [unintelligible] to the lives of these people. thank you. >> i am here on behalf of j.r. to speak on behalf of this conditional use. this b been of a similar use.
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there was an auto body shop there prior to the most recent tenet for 10 years of this is not -- tan and for 10 years said this is not the most recent use of the space. i would like to say that if anything, he will improve the look of the building and improve the neighborhood. his plays well -- employees will support the neighborhood like they do my store which is 2 days -- two doors down from his current location. his employees eat in restaurants and go to the shops and support the neighborhood. they support the neighborhood. employees will support the small shops of this neighborhood. i would urge you to support this use and his ability to take his homegrown business and move it to a larger location. that is sort of what we are trying to do here as small- business owners and i hope you give him the opportunity to do
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that. president fong: any additional public comment? >> my family -- owns a bar located next door to select auto body. and so we have that -- have had that since 2003. in that time, the concerns raised by the neighbors at the new location, we did the odor and sounds and all that have been so minimal we have not noticed and the hours in which they operate are until 6:00 p.m. and we never had any issues and i have been a positive contribution to the -- they have been a positive contribution to the neighborhood.
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>> i will make my comments brief. i know them and our kids go to this same school. he told me what they were trying to do here. i explained the new procedure he will have to go through -- i want to make a comment here. the planning department [unintelligible] to a guy who came down and did not have that much experience. with regard to the latest comments, i was there and the outreach was done there. he did a very good job especially with the auto body people and the issues of the chemicals that are used there. the good news here is the preservationist part. the building stays the same on the outside which is great.
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i know a lot of commissioners have to [unintelligible] and different zonings and this is the exact type of industry you are trying to protect. there were literally put out of the spaces -- and the spaces were not available. this is what the commissioners have fought for to keep these types of industries here. j.r. is going to be one of the outstanding business owners in this town. i personally hope that you can approve this here today. a lot rides on this. his family is watching and the whole shop has come to a standstill to watch on tv. this is the kind of stuff this commission is trying to keep in this town. hopefully this gets all boats this needs today. -- all the votes this needs today. president fong: is there
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additional public comment? public comments are closed. commissioner moore: there are many reasons i am in support of this particular cu. the support of small businesses, this is a perfect example of someone who has grown and established bellair reputation in one neighborhood and who is moving and finding -- a building that is more than appropriate to be reused for its intended use. we had a struggle with this building type on hyde at union street and it was difficult to see an adaptive reuse. here we're having a building which is intended for its use where it is being reused within the same category of uses. as listed in the case report,
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previous use was golden gate tank for removal. that was -- there was an auto repair and we are moving down the line in addition to that. any concerns about adjoining residential, today's environmental regulations are so severe by have -- that by having the guarantee that new equipment is being bought that meets the latest standards, there should not be any concerns. we more recently had a case like this for an auto repair which rarely focused on repainting of autos in the residential live- work area. the project was approved because we were comfortable that the impacts were more imagined or perceived than actual ones. i think we have the regulatory environment and the controls in place to make sure that none of those fears and dave are justified. i am in support of it and make a
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motion to approve. >> second. commissioner antonini: i am in support and this has been historically auto repair and even a body shop. it is a continuing use although there was a break with a slightly different views. the speaker concerned about the fact that these types of things do not exist in all neighborhoods, actually, they do. wagner's is a body shop on green between goff and octavia, nobody complains, they have been there forever and it has been a saw after -- sought after area. and again, these are uses that are very -- seem to coexist very well with the neighbors and we have talked about the great --
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steer their -- state of the art. the project sponsor is purchasing the actual building. he is creating pdr jobs that will in play 10 -- employee toen to 20 people. he saves his customer base. this is not necessarily a factor. i identify with the project sponsor as a guy who is involved in a lot of civic things and coaching at his kids' school and getting involved in the merchants association and so i think that is really important -- that is an important thing we have to encourage. i am in support. commissioner wu: at want to echo the comments of other commissioners in support of this project. it is great to see a proven
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track record with neighbors, both residential and business, with regards to being a good neighbor, noise, and on and on. for those that are concerned about noise, i want to point out that the noise ordinance is governed by the department of public health and there are standards and a process to go through with that department. commissioner sugaya: i wasn't going to say anything but i was quite in support but since we have an audience. i want to say that i am quite familiar with this building tight because i have spent some time in -- and surveyed the ports in the tenderloin. there must be 10 or 20 similar garages with similar architecture. i am pleased that this is being reused for the purpose it was originally designed. the idea that keeping the facade

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